Cinderella's Attic

Prom Boutique


“Cinderella’s Attic is the perfect name for an organization that transforms harsh reality into dreams come true.  For the past three springs, Kerry and her fairy godmothers provided the whole prom package to our students for free, from elegant contemporary dresses to hair and make-up salon visits.  Students, who could never afford this total experience, were treated like royalty.  Thank you for putting magic in our students’ lives! ”

Jo Berman, Vice Principal
Mark Twain High School,
San Diego Unified School District


I am writing to personally thank you and the fashion experts for your generous contribution in giving me the opportunity to visit your boutique and choose an appropriate prom dress, shawl, and shoes, with matching accessories to wear to my Senior Prom on Saturday evening, May 9th.

I have been raised by my mother, a senior citizen, who is faced with health problems ­and limited income. When my mother learned that her temp agency, after being in business for 30-years, closed its doors in March, and still she could not find a job, stress hit me hard. Formal dresses were expensive! How and where were we going to get the money to buy an outfit for the prom and take care of my other senior expenses? Then, one of my mother’s friends told us about Cinderella’s Attic. I shared this information with some of my school friends, and we all walked out of your doors with our new and used prom dresses. You were a God send!

Saturday night, I felt proud being escorted to my Senior Prom while wearing my beautiful, vintage dress from Cinderella’s Attic. The financial assistance you provided has been of great help to me! Again, thank you for making my Senior Prom a night to remember for a lifetime!

~ Desiree, High School Student


Being a part of Cinderella’s Attic was an amazing experience. Walking into a place knowing that you are looking for a free prom dress is not easy. But with our positive and helpful spirit we made the girls feel right at home. We acted as their personal shoppers and probably gave them an even better experience than if they were in a retail store paying money for the dress. All the dresses were organized by size so right when the girls walked in we knew exactly where to lead them. Accessorizing the girls after they picked their dress was very fun too!

~ Tenille, Prom Boutique Volunteer